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Bonifica tetto in amianto Padova Treviso

P&P Costruzioni srl: the qualified enterprise for Asbestos bonification

Asbestos bonification is a necessity concerning health protection. Asbestos is ahighly volatile and cancer material, which can contaimn many different areas.
In the recent past, asbestos saw a large employement in construction of rooftops for industrial wardens but also for sport activities structures.
Today instead it’s possible to think to bonification of industrial covers, with the benefit of tax deductions.

Thanx to the multiannual experience, P&P Costruzioni srl is able to offer a professional and qualified service for any operation concerning asbestos disposal:
from case examination, to treatment and removal of asbestos cover up to the release of the necessary certification to obtain tax deductions.

A complete and certified service, of asbestos bonification, materials disposal and the repairing of coverings.
For bonification, asbestos’ encapsulation or treatment, just call us.
One of our expert advisor will be available for giving a free estimate of the single case in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

See the law of regione Veneto for asbestos bonification.

Roof of asbestos to remove
Asbestos cover to remove
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Asbestos bonification: why and how urgent it is

Italy legislation with asbestos item refers to six ores of silicates family; these ores have fibre structure, with important features, as high temperature, chemical and bacterial agents resistance and very low thermal and electronic conductivity.

The high insulating power, low price and ease of processing, make asbestos one of asbestos-cement to realize covers, pipelines, fumara canes and insulating materials.

Dangerous of asbetos for health is widely recognized: the appereance of breathing cancers is so strictly related to the presence of asbestos dusts, to the point that in Italy its sale and processing is forbidden since 1992.

In this sense, to facilitate the bonification, removal, and disposal in safety of materials and structures with asbestos fibers, there are specific tax deductions that permit to deduct the costs for asbestos bonification, retrieving up to the 50% on the investment.
Rimozione coperture e bonifica amianto
Incapsulamento amianto Padova Treviso
For any further information about asbestos bonification contact us or fill in the form with your request.

P&P costruzioni srl work in all Italy and Europe

This method is based on the use of impregnating substances, that penetrating in asbestos, avoid its spreading in the air and the inhalation. This procedure is mostly employed for underwatered and thin roofs or covers, because the impregnating substances are not able to penetrate in bigger coatings.

Asbestos removal is made only in the most dangerous cases and it’s the only way to asbestos for the consequent disposal.
The method is based in the own removal of the asbestos cover and in its substitution with one without eternit . This kind of intervention is mandatory for pitch covers, that can produce asbestos particles, highly carcinogenic, in the surrondings.

Asbestos confinement is made by an overlapping cover, which consists in the application of a metallic or coibented cover on the one of asbestos. This new cover will be function as insulating of the asbestos plate, avoiding the spreading of the a Plates, beforehand treated with penetrating products, to assure fibers consolidation, are therefore ready to be cover by a second roof.
For any further information about asbestos bonification, or to have a free estimate, please call us or fill in the form.

P&P Costruzioni srl, makes works of asbestos bonification in all Italy and Europe.

Intervention of bonification and removal of friendly asbestos
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