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          Drywall in Padua and Vicenza

Drywall is a building material. For the fast application and the particular thermoacoustic features, it is actually one of the most employed material in light
construction. It is sold in panels of mt 1,2x2 large, buti t is possible to find also some of different measures (mt 1,2x3 ). In France and England for example the measures are of 1,25x1,5 mt.
The thickness depends on the kind of application required, there are dozens of panels with different features. In Italy, the most widespread thickness to find in bricolage center, is 12,5 mm (half an inch equal). Still, besides thermoacoustic properties, not to forget the flameproof and hydro-repent ones.
Usually a wall in drywall, can reach mm 8-10 of thickness, including two outer sheets in drywall and an air space usually full of insulating and /or fontassorbant material. A false ceiling or a counterwall of 1-2cm barely.
Drywall is largely employed in industrial construction to build offices or warehouses within sheds.
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