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Coperture con pannelli metallici curvi Padova Treviso Cadoneghe
Realization and reroofing of industrial ceilings trough curved panels

Insulating panels for wardens ceilings can be flat or curve.

Curved panels can be moreover of fixed radius or variable radius.
Curved panels of fixed radius are employed on prefabricated structures field of prestressed concrete, especially in the case of the so called “y” shape beams.
While curved panels of variable range are meant all panels following the curvature required by the contraption/assembler instead of the structural shaping of the ceiling: usually this kind of structures are by metal or lamellar wood, obteining radius from mt. 3,3 up to very wide ones (almost squared panels).

To choose the most suitable ceiling for your warden, commercial or sheet, call P&P Costruzioni srl.
One expert of our staff, after a careful outline, will be able to advice you about the best solution.

Curved panels ceiling in Padua and Treviso

Panels are usually composed of an external notching plate, an insert of non-conducting material (polyurethane) and a internal side finish of different materials (pre painted micronervate sheet, fibrocement, glassresin).

Fixed radius curved panels are of 3,3 radius mt and 6mt available.

Our competence, since more of thirty years experience, makes our enterprise a landmark in the ceiling realization of small and big areas in Padua, Vicenza and Treviso.

To ask a new outline or a free estimate, contact us at the toll free number or send us a request by filling the form.
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