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P&P Costruzioni srl has a multiannual experience in trade building, devoloped through three entrepreneurial generations with asbestos bonification and removal specialization, as well as in internal/external coatings.
Professionalism of our staff and choice of innovative resistant materials are our main purpose for “I work in art” execution.

Client needs analysis, -both for asbestos disposal and for coatings or covers,- is the first step to offer mirated and functional solutions, in order to satisfy technical and aesthetic side of demands, always in the full respect of safety and prevention legislation.
P&P Costruzioni srl can offer a wide range of solutions, about asbestos disposal, coatings, covers; the care to give quality, realiable and versatile products, as well as the use of avant-garde construction methods, makes the enterprise a landmark in asbetos bonifications, cover buildings and internal/external coatings.
Asbestos bonification covers are made by specialized personnel, using the best techniques to preserve personnel safety and environment.
Asbestos bonification works are under tax incentives up to 65%, with tax credit in case of a restructiring for energy efficiency.
For further information contact us, we will be glad to give a quote and a targeted advice.
We make covers for big structures, such as sports installation, industrial or commercial wardens and agricultural buildings in wood or steel material.
For covers, different kind of panels can be employed:
  • Metal panels
  • Panels in the sheet
  • Cowardlng panels
  • Curved Panels
  • Strain panels
They are employed in the realization or recreation of roofs in big structures or wardens, because it’s important to predispose covering skylights and natural smoke heat evacuators (N.S.H.E or “smoke out”)

Cover Skylights are indispensable to assure an adequate natural lightening, smoke and heat evacuators instead are integrated on roof or in the cover;
they are useful in case of fire, to facilitate smoke and hot gas exit make during the fire itself.
During the multiannual experience in building trade, P&P Costruzioni srl make a wide range of industrial, craft, commercial buildings but also of agricultural and zootechnical types.
P&P Costruzioni srl is a landmark in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, about the construcion and restructuring of wardens, storehouses or commercial places.

Other than new buildings edification, we make:
  • Coibentations
  • Backups
  • Weigheds
  • Drywall creations
One of the main activity of P&P Costruzioni srl, which is having a growing demand, is the realization of prefabricated structures.

Prefabricated structures are extremely versatile: they are antiseismic and very personalisable in installation and finishes patterns, with the advantage of being quickly built.

Prefabricated structures permit to realize both little measures stores, - such as boxes-, and great measures buildings,
- such as wardens, commercial store houses, deposits, pensions for industrial plants, greenhouses, cowsheds and much more.
In the external façade restructuring of industrial, commercial buildings, panel metal coating is largely employed.

External coatings with doggies or metal panels, permit a wide opportunity of personalization, because it is possible to choose beetween different kinds of panels: shiny, opaque, mirror and much more ones.

Panels coatings assures a great aesthetic yield and thermal estate too, giving a modern impact to the structure and moreover reduces the cost of façade building maintenance.
We are present on TuttoNordEst the top portal of Veneto region
P & P Costruzioni Campodarsego by Roberto Pagin - Roofing and cladding by Roberto Paggin in Campodarsego - 
asbestos roof remediation Padua - asbestos roof remediation of industrial shed Padua and Venice - 
asbestos removal from the roof of an agricultural warehouse Padua - Vicenza
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