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Realization and reroofing of ceilings

Realization and reroofing of ceilings require competences and specific products, in order to ensure a well done work both for structural and aestethic side.

For the realization or replacement of a damaged celeing or that contains asbestos, different types of support and cover panels are available, that means a wide
possibility of choice for clients.

P&P Costruzioni srl is able to make ceilings with every particular and detail, responding in that way to technical needs, statutory requirements and all features of the project, providing a complete service.

Therefore, in stage of implementation or restructuring of a ceiling, it could be necessary the predisposition of ceiling skylights, smoke heat natural evacuators or smoke out” and gutters.
Covers or Ceilings

Coverage is a fundamental structure element for every kind of building.
For those of big measures it’s important to conjugate 3 fundamental requirements:
  • Strenght
  • Lightness
  • Thermal efficiency

Roof is the main element of heat dispersion: insulation capacity of ceilings panels and the function of skylights become a determinant in the energy costs for critization of internal environment.

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