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Coperture con pannelli tipo finto coppo Padova Treviso
Cover industrial ceilings trough false roofing panels

False roofing ceilings can be an excellent solution to satisfy aestethical needs. Exactly as all metal panels, roofing shape panels are suitable both for civil and industrial, agricoltural construction.
Thanx to their design and coulour, false roofing panels are a good alternative to traditional roofing brick ceilings, because they can better satisfy energy savings needs.
False roofing panels are available both in prepainted zinc-coated steel and sheet, copper and alluminium.

False roofing insulated panels are specifically indicated to realize ceilings buildings with an high historical and architectural interest.

If the need is to realize a cheap ceiling, without forgetting the aestethical aspect, insulated roofing panels will be the righter solution; they are particularly suitable in the agricoltural field.

False roofing panels ensures an high saving, together with the aestethical aspect of the classic brick roof and offers many advantages, such as the law weight of the ceiling, avoiding the overload of underlying structures.

False roofing panels become the best material for rehabilitation and restructuring of whatever sheet, both warden , commercial and agricoltural kind.
Laying time lasted of false roofing panels are strongly reduced, as well as installation costs.
Even concerning maintenance, there will be a significant saving, because false roofing panels are resistant to weather, especially the frost.
To know all advantages about a false roofing ceiling, call on P&P Costruzioni srl.
Our advisors, after a free outline, will be able to analyse costs and advantages for every kind of ceiling sheet.
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