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Realizzazione rivestimenti metallici per capannoni Padova Treviso
Outer metal and with panelling in Padua and Treviso

Outer sheating of an industrial, trading or agricoltural activity is a very important aspect, from the aestethical point of view too.
Outer sheating facade choix will talk about you and your company, even to people that will not necessairly enter in it.
That’s why it’s fundamental to rely on experts, that since 30 years work on this field and will be able to advice you best.
Facade sheatings can be with a doggie or with panels.
The rich offer on the market allowds to employ different kind of materials and colours. Greek sheets, alluminium, stainless steel, glass; whatever is the choice, P&P Costruzioni srl will ensure quality, safety and design. Front continues curved facades, alluminium forged panels, sheating with corrugated, greek or mirror glass, you only have to ask for a counselling and one of our technician is available to look at the best solution.

Building before
the intervention
Building after
the outer coating
Details of the outer coating
The main features of this kind of coating are:

  • Realization of lasting sheating
  • High acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Easy implementation
  • Fast time implementation
Outer facade sheating of a warden can be made both to give an aesthetic value with metal doggie and to improve the efficace, with the different insulating panels.

The different types of outer coatings are:
  • With sandwich panel
  • With insulating panels
  • With alluminium doggie
  • With steel doggie

For the realization of the outer ventilated facades of your warden, metal or alluminium, with sandwich or insulating panels they are, ask for a free estimate.

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