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Controsoffittature industriali Padova Treviso Vicenza
In order to create a good sound environment, it’s important to consider what kind of activities we are going to make into it.
For this reason is also fundamental to care about the choix of the false ceiling to install.

P&P Costruzioni srl offers maximum level in safety and design.

Open space offices, that become now a custom, because their structure facilitates communication, collaboration and creativity, are at the same time the worst work environnment for noise pollution.
P&P Costruzioni srl has therefore devoleped the concept of acoustic Design based on the activities, so that people can make their own activity in all quiet.

The acoustic solution consists in the subdivision of spaces into three perspectives (Activity, People, Spaces) and finding all points in common with the three aspects.

By the practical point of view, the solution is made trough a combination of acoustic false ceilings of high quality, hanged modules, panels on the wall, partitions.

False ceilings are widely employed even in salons exhibition of car dealerships, in shops and shopping centers.

- Increase of safety
- Well-being staff improvement
- Increase of productivity

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