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Coperture metalliche Padova Treviso Vicenza
Realization and reroofing of metal ceilings

P&P Costruzioni srl in the perpetual search of innovative solutions, is able to propose and realize complete metal ceilings.
By the application of sheet metal, sheet-steel, copper sheet or by using sandwich insulating panels, P&P construction ensures the best solution for sheet, wardens, industrial ceilings.

Here the different kinds of panels employed:

  • notching panels;
  • metal curved premodelled panels;
  • ceiling metal panels with photovoltaic installation predisposition;
  • metal microribbed panels;
  • false roofing panels, both of insulating and simple sheet kind;
  • panels with calendering sheet;
  • metal insulating panels with bituminous slating sheat;
  • metal multi-layer panels;
  • special lock and frame metal panels without drilling.

About lightening within wardens, P&P Costruzioni srl is able to make suitable skylights for every kind of metal ceiling.
Metal ceilings in Padua and Treviso

Roof is the main element of heat dispersion, especially in industrial wardens: insulating capacity of the metal panels together with the function of the skylights become a determinant in the critization for energetic costs in the internal environment of your construction.
Our competence, since more of thirty years experience in metal ceilings, make us a landmark in their realization for small and big areas in Padua, Vicenza and Treviso.
To request a new outline or a free estimate, you can contact us at the toll free number or send us your request by filling the form.
Realization of a metal ceiling in Campodarsego
Installation of metal panels
Loft with metal ceiling
Coperture in lamiera grecata - coperture in lamiera graffata
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