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Evacuatori di fumo per tetti industriali Padova Treviso
Smoke evacuators

Natural smoke and heat evacuators (NSHE) are elements of the cover ceiling that open themselves in case of fire, to facilitate the exit of hot smokes and gas
developing during a fire. Before 1989, smoke and heat evacuators were not subjected to specific legislation. A simply self - declaration of guarantee about the correct functioning by the producer was sufficient. Nowadays, all natural smoke evacuators must be under legislation UNI EN 12101.

As element of active protection, smoke evacuator has to ensure its efficace with any kind of environment condition. For this reason, functioning tests in low temperature, wind averse conditions or underground opening are made. Element of distinction of the evacuator is the areodynamic area or Aa which
determines the capacity of a product to win hot gas in case of fire. These tests simulate therefore the different environment conditions in which the evacuator could work.

Smoke natural evacuators include two categories:

  • Covering ceiling evacuators ( flat, sloppy or shed)
  • Wall evacuators

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