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Lecernari per tetti industriali Padova Treviso Vicenza
Industrial covering skylights in Padua and Vicenza

Industrial skylights are the best way to ensure a natural light within working spaces. Both in case of a production and trading environment, the installation of covering skylights will bring an high energy electric savings, together with an improvement of permanence conditions into them.

P&P Costruzioni srl ensures the installation of domes and skylights suitable for every need.
To know the full range that covers all needs of lighting, natural ventilation, smoke and heat natural evacuation, energy efficiency and safety, go in the section contacts and fill in the form.
Energy saving with industrial skylights in Padua and Treviso

Industrial skylights ensure:

  • Better lightening
  • Thermic insulation
  • Energy saving
  • Fire security
  • Less heat dispersion

To know the best solution for your covering, to have a free estimate for the installation of industrial skylights, WRITE US
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