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impermeabilizzazione terrazzo e tetto padova treviso venezia
Waterproofing of roof and terrace

Water is one of the main reason for roofs, balconies and terraces degradation. Because of the high capacity of penetration everywhere, can endanger the integrity of walls and ceilings in your house. That’s why waterproofing is important, necessary and mandatory.

Here in P&P Costruzioni srl, waterproofing is made trough a process, so called the “put it in the heat” of a waterproofing bituminous liquid girdle, using a cinnamon. The waterproofing bituminous, ardesired, liquid or cement girdle is the element that preserves roofs and terraces.
The waterproofing girdle laying should be done also in the substructures, to save your house from water infiltration damages.

If you want to know the prices to waterproof your roof, or terrasse contact P&P Costruzioni srl, seating in Padua, Vicenza, Treviso, Venezia.
Waterproofing with Polyurea

Waterproofing with polyurea consists in the application of an elastic waterproof membrane on flat ceilings. It’s a very efficace methode, that does not require the demolition of roofs, balconies and terraces.

Renovation and waterproofing with polyurea give lots of advantages:
  • Chemical and mechanic resistance to aging and hydrosis
  • Adaptation to the surface
  • Possibility of instant trampling
  • Quick hardening
  • Surface without joints and total absence of weldings
  • Speed of execution

Waterproofing with polyurea can be applied on renforced concrete, concrete, iron, steel, gres, cooked polyurethane and many other ones.

To have an estimate to waterproof your terrace or roof, write us
How to waterproof a terrace

Waterproofings are made trough professional machines that sprays the gilder at high pressure and high temperatures. The membrane consolidates itself in very few seconds, allowding therefore to continue with all days activities.

To have a free and customized estimate, contact P&P Costruzioni srl.
We make works of waterproofing for roofs, terraces, tiled terraces in Padua and surrondings, in the district of Mestre and the Triple too.
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